11 Tips to pass the theory exam

Would you like to get your car theory? Then start with theory. Learning. Understanding. Passing. In your life, you only have to pass your theory exam once. But do you possibly know how many candidates pass from the first time? Only 36 percent pass the theory exam from the first time. That, of course, is far too little. That's why we have here for you 11 tips for passing in one go. Take a moment to read through them. Think you're going to get some use out of them!

1. Reserve a theory exam.
A person works best when he has a goal in mind. The same is true for you. If you set your theory exam, then you have a goal. Then you can start planning how to study. Then it becomes a reality. Many people make the mistake of putting off the exam all the time. But you know. Procrastination breeds procrastination. So start right away. Make an appointment for your theory exam.

2. Preparation
The theory is actually a boring thick book. That you have to know by heart. But it is actually also nice to understand. This so you can safely start the practice. Now you can learn the theory via your cell phone. TheorieDoen has a video course online that explains the theory easily. In between and after you can practice with the exam questions to get you ready for the theoretical exam. An online course is much more convenient than a classroom course. You can watch the videos wherever you want. But also how often you want. So if you don't understand a part very well. Then you just watch the video again. Super convenient!

3. Taking breaks
Everyone learns in a different way. Science has shown that you learn best in small bites. So learn for half an hour and then take a break. Do that, too. Your brain can then rest for a while. Then after a 15-minute break, you can start fresh again. Take a little walk. Eat something or play a game on your cell phone for a while. Fresh brain stores everything better.

4. Drinking water
Your body is almost 70 percent water. The human body needs about two liters of water a day. When you drink enough water, the brain also works better. And brains that work better does come in handy when you want to start learning. So have a bottle of water next to you. Then you will keep drinking and the brain will stay fresher.

5. Practice exam questions
If you have watched all the videos of the video course you already know a lot of exam questions. This is because the course is full of exam questions. You are also going to be able to practice these after each chapter. After that, you can take practice exams. These are super important. Because by practicing you are training yourself. You train to read the question and answers correctly. But also to look at the picture properly. Training makes you stronger!

6. Learn from your mistakes
While learning and practicing, you are bound to make some mistakes. This is not a bad thing. That's actually the intention. Because you learn from your mistakes. So always read carefully the explanation you get when you give a wrong answer. TheorieDoen has given a clear explanation for each question. This so you understand what you did wrong. If you understand what the right answer is, you will not make the same mistakes on your theory exam.

7. Repetition
Repetition is a super powerful tool when learning. Watching the video course once is good. But if you watch the videos a second and third time much more will stick in your brain. Then, if you also repeat the practice questions often enough, the theory exam will become easy. Because of the repetition you will remember everything well. This will make you start your theory exam full of confidence.

8. Going to bed on time
Going to bed on time is a thing for many young people. I am often told that they just can't get to sleep early. A good tip is to at least get to bed on time. When you are in bed, you also rest. Eventually you do fall asleep. If you are then in bed on time, you will be nicely rested the next day. After all, that will come in handy when you have to take your theory exam. So on time to bed. That means rested brain. So greater chance of success.

9. Trust yourself
Stress before an exam is a common problem. No need! Trust yourself! If you are well prepared then you will pass, right? So have confidence. In the worst case scenario you fail. Well then watch your mistakes on the exam. Because that's what you learn from. Then schedule another exam. Go over everything one more time. And then you pass the second time. But actually you shouldn't think about that now. Assume you will pass the first time. (Have to learn and practice of course lol). A positive mindset also ensures that you start your exam with more confidence. More confidence is a greater chance of success!

10. Breathing
If all goes well, you are now breathing in and out. Do you feel it? Actually goes automatically. But breathing is actually a super important tip for your exam. The stress on an exam can cause you to accidentally breathe way too short or too fast. And that creates more stress. Before you press the start button on your exam, make sure you have your breathing under control. When you have your breathing under control you are much calmer and can think better!
How do you get your breathing under control?
1. Sit up straight.
2. Inhale deeply through your nose. As deeply as possible.
3. Exhale through your mouth.
Repeat three times.
Now you have your breathing under control. Your stress is also gone a long way.

11. Take your time
You have about 20 minutes for your theory exam. It's not about getting out as quickly as possible. It's about passing! Don't be in a hurry. Answering too quickly is not a good idea. Read the question carefully. Sometimes on the theory exam, the question is really a riddle. They are trying to confuse you. Read carefully and understand what they want from you. Also look at the picture carefully. Sometimes there are signs telling you the answer. And sometimes there are signs on the ground that give you the answer. But sometimes you don't need the picture to choose your answer.
Then there are the answers. Sometimes you have two answers that both seem correct. Then choose the answer that is most complete.

You are going to succeed!
You are going to succeed anyway. Just look outside. Everyone is driving their cars around. If they can pass the theory exam then you will too. Take the course from TheoryDoen. Watch the videos a few times and practice the practice exams. Then if you also apply the tips above, you'll pass without even touching that thick boring theory book. Oh yeah. And that thick boring theory book also costs 30 euros.

Start learning for your theory exam online now through TheorieDoen. Super good luck!