The car theory exam

If you have yet to pass your car theory exam, this blog post is exactly for you. The car theory exam is an exam you need to pass to get your driver's license. Passing it in one go is always nice. In this blog post, I'm going to tell you how the theory exam works. What the requirements and necessities are. I'm also going to tell you how best to prepare for the theory exam.

Why is there a theory exam for your driver's license?

Theory is full of rules. Those rules are made to make traffic safe. If everyone followed the rules nicely, there would also be fewer accidents. You probably already know how to behave as a pedestrian or cyclist. For example, where you can step and where you can't.

Car theory covers the rules of the car. If you know the theory well then you will pass your theory exam and then you can vellig continue with the practice! Is also convenient. Because then you know what to do in practice!

Making an appointment for your theory exam!

At school, you will have already taken a lot of exams. The car theory exam you will hopefully only take once in your life! Many people do put it off. Some start learning, but then don't take the exam.

A very good tip is to book the exam in advance. You can do this online at an exam center of your choice. https://www. Book an exam for a month from now and then start learning! If you have already made an appointment, it will ensure that you actually keep learning. Then you have a goal in mind! You can tackle procrastination with this.

What are the requirements and necessities for the theory exam?

You may take the theoretical exam from the age of 17. So you make the appointment online. On the day of your exam take your bank card with you. Payment is made when you register. This can only be done electronically. Cash is not accepted. Also be sure to bring your valid ID card. You must be able to identify yourself. Be on time and sign in at the front desk.

How does the theory exam work?

After registering and paying, the exam center staff member will assign you a computer number. In the theory room, you then sit down at your computer. First you will be given two sample questions. These do not count toward your exam. Thanks to the sample questions you will know what the exam looks like.

There are also headphones. You may use these, but you don't have to. Through the headphones, the question and answers are read aloud. The computer does this at a leisurely pace. If you are strong in language, I advise you not to use the headphones. It will only distract you. If you are less strong in the language, it comes in handy. Because then it will help you read the question and answers.

First the question and answers are read aloud. Only then does time begin. You have 15 seconds for each question to answer. There is a time bar going down. After the time is up, you cannot answer. Nor can you go back to change your answer.
The time seems short but on your exam you will find that it is enough. After the last question press finish exam. You will immediately see your result on your screen. Obviously passed 😉.

When did I pass?

There are 50 multiple-choice questions. You need to score 41 points to pass.
There are minor errors. If you get those right you get a point for it. If you get the question wrong, one point goes off the 50. However, there are also big mistakes. If you get those right you get a point. But if you get those wrong, five points go off. So two big mistakes and you fail. But there are some tricks to avoid making big mistakes. See more on this in our blog on the big mistakes!
The big mistakes are only in the car theory exam.

What to do after the theoretical exam?

Yaa and then you passed! Party of course hahaha. Ho wait! First you have to go back to the desk where you registered. Then you have to do an eye test. So be sure to bring your glasses if you wear them. The eye test is a light screen with all E-tjes. You have to tell which side the E is open.

Bijvoorbeeld. E <== opening aan de rechterkant.

After the eye test, you will be given proof that you passed.
Keep it well! And then on to practice!
Did you fail? Unfortunately. But don't be sad. Then pass it the second time! Schedule new exam. Prepare even better and pass!!!
After failing 2x times, you are required to take 12 hours of lessons at an accredited driving school.
If you pass, your theoretical driving license is valid for 3 years.

How can I best prepare?

Good preparation is half the battle. Via TheoryDoing you can now take an online theory course. Videos in which the entire theory is explained in a calm and clear way. Full of mnemonics and useful tips to best prepare for your exam. You can watch the videos as often as you want. You can also watch them wherever you want. At the dinner table or just relaxing in bed. The videos are full of exam questions that you can also expect on your exam. After the course you will also practice with the practice exams. This so you can repeat and test your readiness. Choose your package, and I'll see you at the first section.

Good luck learning!