What are GOCA exam centers?

To obtain a driver's license, you are required to pass two exams. The first is a theoretical exam that tests whether you have enough knowledge to drive a vehicle on public roads. Once you have passed the theoretical driving test, you can then work towards the practical version. In this case, it is the skills you possess to drive a car that are checked. Both exams are taken at one of several GOCA exam centers. These can be found all over Belgium so you usually do not have to travel far.

GOCA exam centers near you

When we take a detailed look at the list of GOCA exam centers, we see that they are found in convenient and moreover central locations. GOCA exam centers are located, among others, in the cities of Ostend, Bruges, Roeselare, Wevelgem, Eeklo, Sint-Niklaas, Kontich, Geel, Bree and Anderlecht. There are, of course, many more locations where GOCA exam centers can be found. Wherever in Flanders you may live, there is always a nearby exam center where you can take both your driver's license exams. By the way, this is not only true in Flanders, but also on the Walloon side. Here too, a large number of GOCA exam centers can be found scattered throughout the Walloon territory.

A first visit to the GOCA exam centers.

The first time you will have to visit the GOCA exam center will relate to taking your theoretical driving test. You will be asked several questions with a choice of answers. You have passed the moment you manage to score at least 41 out of 50. At the end of the theoretical driving test, a short eye test is also performed, after which a brochure is given to you with all the information regarding the practical driving test and when you can take it. Please note that the theoretical exam you took is only valid for 3 years.

Did you, take your theoretical driving test in one of the GOCA exam centers, but did not pass? In that case, you can try a second time. If you do not obtain enough points the second time, you are required to take 12 hours of theory lessons at an accredited driving school. Only when you have received these lessons can you make another attempt. Did you pass after this entire course? Then you can also look to the future and start working on the practical aspect of getting your driver's license.

Take practical exams at one of the GOCA exam centers

Once you have passed the theoretical driving test at one of the GOCA test centers, you will receive a provisional driver's license which is valid for a period of 18 or 36 months. The validity of the provisional license is determined by whether you choose to drive with or without a guide. If you have met the applicable requirements, it is time to revisit one of the GOCA exam centers. During the practical driving test, you must be able to demonstrate several things. For example, you have to prove that you can park, but you will also have to perform a certain maneuver and will be assessed on how you drive in different circumstances. When you have passed all aspects, you will be given a document with which you can apply for your final driver's license at the town hall. Your visits to one of the GOCA exam centers thus come to an end.