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Why practice for your theory exam here!

Start immediately

Because Theoriedoen.be runs entirely online, you can start taking exams within two minutes. Choose your package, checkout and start practicing.

Works on any device

Learning on the train or bus? Or relaxing on the couch with the iPad? It's all possible. The interface of theoriedoen works well on any device. Try the demo on your smartphone.

Taking unlimited exams

There is no limit to the number of times you can take an exam. You can practice as many times as you want until you completely get it.

All Exam Components

All traffic rules clear and clear videos explained with examples and different situations.

Road signs

All traffic signs in a clear overview. We will also cover the most important road signs in the course.

Unlimited viewing

Access our course anywhere and watch in HD quality on your laptop, TV or on your smartphone. 🤙

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to our frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Then get in touch on the contact page.
Where can I see my online course?
All courses can be viewed via any platform (computer, tablet, iOS and Android). Once you have made the purchase you can log in and get started.
How long does the online course take

The total duration of all videos (8 chapters) from the online course is 3.5 hours. In addition, taking one practice exam takes about 20 minutes. We have as many as 7 practice exams and more than 500 practice questions.

Can I also take practice questions?
Yes! All packages have practice modules with practice questions. Check out the packages here.
Can I view the course on different devices?

Yes. You can watch the course virtually anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Do I need data or Wi-Fi?
You can only watch the course if you are connected to the Internet. We recommend using a Wifi connection.
why a video course?
Video is the new way of learning. You can watch the videos where, when and how often you want. So it's super convenient. If you didn't understand or hear something well you can just rewind.
how long can I watch the videos?
You can choose which package you take. Each package has a different length of time. The 30-day package is the best package in our opinion.
Are the questions the same as in the exam?
You will recognize many exam questions immediately during the real exam. In fact, we make every effort to keep our video course exam-oriented.
I am dyslexic. Is this something for me?

Yes! Our video course is perfect if you are dyslexic. That's because you can watch the videos on your own time. You pause it to take extra notes or repeat it how many times you want. 🤙

I can't read Dutch very well. Is this something for me?
We believe that it is possible for everyone to pass your theory exam in one go. If you still have difficulty with the Dutch language, our video course is a perfect solution. We explain everything in simple and clear language.

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