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On this website you can practice for your theory exam for free. Practice on this website for your GOCA theory exam!

Online theory course

If you have yet to get your theory for your driver's license then this is for you. We at TheorieDoen have created an online theory course for Belgium. Especially for you. But what exactly is an online theory course? In this blog I tell you how you can prepare for the theoretical exam. What the online theory course entails. What the advantages are. In short, everything you need to know to pass your theory exam in one go.

What is an online theory course

The online theory course explains the entire theory. This is done in a fun, calm and clear way. Full of mnemonics and useful tips to easily remember certain things. For each subject a video has been made. In this video the subject is explained and exam questions are discussed directly. You can also expect these exam questions on your theoretical exam. After each topic you can also practice the exam questions.
If you have watched the full course you can then take practice exams. Super handy to check if you remember everything.

The videos are online. You can watch them right after you choose a package. The nice thing is that you can also watch as many times as you want. So if there is a topic you don't understand well, just watch the movie again. You can pause and rewind the movies. Everything is possible. Actually, it's like Netflix. Learn and practice your theory 24/7 with 1000+ exam questions.

'Easy to use, instructive. Very good way to practice by yourself and get used to the exam. Definitely recommend.'

Different theory packages

So for your driver's license, the first thing you need is your theory. To start learning and practicing online, you are first going to choose a package. You can choose to block for a week and then take the exam. Especially convenient if you are a fast learner. Do you still find the theory a bit more difficult. Or do you want to take your time to learn everything well, you can also choose the 30 day package. Then you have all the time to learn and practice all the theory. So you will succeed in one go. The more you practice the better you become. So choose your package here and start right away!

Which driver's license are you going for?

On the site of you can practice for your theory. You can learn for your car, moped and motorcycle theory. Do you already know which driving license you want to get? Your moped license can be obtained from the age of 16. Your car and motorcycle license can be obtained from the age of 18. Stop postponing and start learning right away to succeed! For each driving license there are 1000+ practice questions waiting for you. Want to know more about your theory exam. Look here.

Take exams directly

Because runs entirely online, you can start taking exams within two minutes. Choose your package, checkout and start practicing.

Works on any device

Learning on the train or bus? Or relaxing on the couch with the iPad? It's all possible. The interface of theoriedoen works well on any device. Try the demo on your smartphone.

Taking unlimited exams

There is no limit to the number of times you can take an exam. You can practice as many times as you want until you completely get it.

Are the exam questions the same as on the exam?

Yes. If you practice for your theory on you are going to get real exam questions. On your theory exam you are going to laugh when you get the same questions. This is because we have studied the GOCA exam well. We know the theory. That's why you are going to practice with real GOCA exam questions. But it's not about just knowing the answers. We want you to understand them. Then you'll remember them easier and you'll definitely pass your theory exam. Then when you go to practice in the car with your provisional license. You'll know the rules too. That's helpful, too. Because then you will become a safe and secure driver.

Benefits of practicing online.

You can start learning and practicing right away. Within two minutes you are logged in. You can watch the tutorial videos wherever you want. Whenever you want. But also how often you want. So you learn entirely at your own pace. You can watch the videos on your phone, tablet or laptop. The videos and exam questions are up to date. There are also a few documents that contain important theory things. You definitely need to know these for your exam. These are exam questions that you will easily answer correctly. Online learning is also super cheap. The cheapest way to pass your exam in one go.

Pass your theory exam.

We want you to pass your theory exam. If you pass your theory exam then you will have your provisional driver's license! Then you are halfway to your permanent license. For you it is also nice that you succeed immediately. Because if you fail twice, you are obliged to take a 12-hour course at a driving school. This one costs 155 euros! That won't happen if you start learning online now. So start today and pass in one go. Are you ready? Let's get started! Choose your package here and get your provisional driving license.


I say do it! Stop procrastinating and start learning and practicing your theory today. Still need tips for your theory exam? Then check out the 12 handy tips now that are going to help you succeed. Good luck with learning! See you at the first part! See you soon!

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Video course

Video course for your car theory exam.