Keeping distance from other vehicles

In this blog, I am going to explain to you three theory exam questions. You can get these on your theory exam. They are also useful to know for when you have your driver's license. All three have to do with keeping your distance from other vehicles. You're definitely going to need them when driving, too. So let's start with question one.

1. How many feet away should you keep from other vehicles when parking?

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The correct answer is 1 meter in front of the car and 1 meter behind the car. This is also convenient for when you or the other cars want to leave. Now this is true in theory. In practice, sometimes you can be lucky enough to find a parking spot. Especially in the city, parking spaces are going to be a little tighter. You are already going to be happy if you have found a spot where your car just fits.

2. How much distance should you keep from the car in front of you, at a red traffic light?

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When you stop at the red traffic light behind another vehicle. You should still be able to see just where the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you hit the ground. If you can still see the rear tires. Then you have an escape route. Because suppose the car in front of you breaks down. Then you can still leave via the left or right. Stopping too far away is not useful because then the line of cars at the traffic light becomes too long. So vehicle in front of you stopped? Always try to stop so that you can see the rear tires.

3. You are driving a motor vehicle. How many meters of following distance should you keep for safety?

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A good following distance is half your speed.

So suppose you are driving 100 km/h. Then a good following distance is 50 meters.

Another one. You're driving 40 mph. What is a good following distance? Well half = 20 meters distance should be kept.

Keeping distance while driving is important, though. Suppose the car in front of you suddenly has to brake hard, you have to brake hard too. Are you driving too close? Then you might crash into it. The person who hits a car from behind is always at fault. So keep enough distance. Then you are going to be able to stop in time. The following distance is always half your speed.

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